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PowerPoint presentations introducing fundamental concepts of Plate Tectonics and Earthquakes May be used either as learning aids for educators or edited for. PowerPoint Presentation Revision World. PowerPoint Presentation Prosper ISD. Geologists call these divergent convergent and transform plate boundaries DIVERGENT PLATE BOUNDARY At a divergent plate boundary lithospheric plates. Introduce or help your students review convergent divergent and transform plate boundaries with this PowerPoint presentation. They can use the theory of plate tectonics to help middle school students understand scientific theories They might want to prepare a PowerPoint presentation. Tectonic Plates & Plate Boundaries PowerPoint Convergent. PowerPoint Presentation Discovering Plate Boundaries. The smaller animations are embedded within the PowerPoint but are provided again here in case there are any issues The largest animation. Plate tectonics passport activity Teachers notes The.


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Plate Tectonics CSUN. This icon indicates that a Flash file has been embedded into the PowerPoint slide These files are not editable Teacher's notes and Flash files Boardworks Ltd. PowerPoint Presentation Originsosuedu. PowerPoint Presentation LSU Geology & Geophysics. Plate Tectonics and the cycling of Earth materials. Unit 4 Lesson 6 Plate Tectonics Copyright Houghton Mifflin. The material deposited on the top of the ridge slides downs from the rise pushing on the plate. PowerPoint Presentation Discover Earth Science. What is the theory of plate tectonics What are the three types of plate boundaries What are Plates The Earth's crust and upper mantle. The Theory of plate tectonics Plate Movement Hot Spots Do Now. Continents are located on tectonic plates and move around with them Tectonic Plates. Discovering Plate Boundaries A data rich exercise in which students discover plate tectonic boundary processes Teachers Guide Part 1 Introduction Dale S. Below the lithosphere which makes up the tectonic plates is the asthenosphere Plate Movement Plates of lithosphere are moved around by the underlying hot.

Plate Tectonics Plate Boundaries and Interactions The Theory of Plate Tectonics The Earth's surface is divided into plates that move and interact with one. PowerPoint Presentation Plate Tectonics. Plate boundaries powerpoint SlideShare. Transform shearing plates slide past each other Strike-slip motion Keypoints Discovery Where do the most earthquakes occur worldwide Where do most. PowerPoint Presentation Unit One Earth Processes New. Powerpoint Presentation Physical Geology 10th ed. What causes earthquakes Most earthquakes occur near a tectonic plate boundary which is where two or more tectonic plates meet The. Plate Boundaries Convergent Divergent Transform IRIS. Divergent plate boundary Transform-fault plate boundary Why do plates move Magnetic anomalies Pangaea Which forces create earthquakes and. Plate tectonics the causes of volcanoes and earthquakes Hotspots.


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And transform plate boundaries 2 Identify and describe the structures that form at divergent convergent and transform plate boundaries This slide is skipped. 6th Grade Science Pflugerville ISD. A transform boundary is where two tectonic plates slide past one another horizontally. The oceanic plate slides under the continental plate. This powerpoint presentation introduces the three types of plate boundaries convergent divergent and transform Includes Intro to new. Feb 23 2016 This is a Power Point presentations discussing basic information about tectonic plates and tectonic plate boundaries convergent divergent and. PowerPoint Presentation The Earth Plate Tectonics. Plates Tectonic Plates Convection Currents Destructive Plate Boundaries Constructive Plate Boundaries Conservative Plate Boundaries Summary Tectonic. Erosion Volcanism and Plate Tectonics on Earth have destroyed much of the.

Mid-ocean ridges. Plate Tectonics The crust is the outermost layer of the Earth 2 sections 1 continental crust- makes up the continents up to 70 km thick 2 oceanic crust- under. What is Plate Tectonics Earth's surface is made up of moving solid pieces called plates Reference Tables pg 5 Plate tectonics is the study of the formation and. The continents DEFINITELY moved A new theory was postulated to explain continental drift Plate Tectonics Earth's surface divided into many plates that. Schoolers Visualizing plate motion is difficult Misconceptions about plate boundaries and continental boundaries. Continental Drift Plate Tectonics The Earth's continents were once joined in a single large landmass that broke apart This land mass was called. Plate Tectonics BIG Idea Most geologic activity occurs at the boundaries between plates I Drifting Continents MAIN IDEA The shape and geology of the. Plate tectonics Earth's surface composed thick plates that move Intense geologic activity is concentrated at plate boundaries Combination of continental drift and. Plate Tectonics this presentation reviews the modern theory of plate tectonics. Plate Tectonics PowerPoint Rubric Denton ISD. Connect with an expert Make your presentation shine Connect with a PowerPoint expert who can custom design your presentation Use your free session.


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Plate Tectonics. Divergent plate boundary An area beneath the ocean where tectonic plates move away from each other Seafloor spreading The formation of new ocean crust as a. PowerPoint Presentation Rockwall ISD. Alaska Plate Tectonics & Geohazards Presentation. Chapter 2 Plate Tectonics and Your Community. Plate tectonic settings with relevant advertising on the order to store your browser sent a continent collision can occur than in particular groups of plate boundaries move apart are called transform. Lateral motion of the events activity discussing the correlation between the locations and volcanism on land where more volcanoes and plate boundaries powerpoint presentation over. What are tectonic plates made of Plates are made of rigid lithosphere The lithosphere is made up of the crust and the upper part of the mantle. Landform DEEP-OCEAN TRENCH Plate Boundary CONVERGENT Type of Plates Oceanic Plate OP vs Continental CP or Oceanic Plate How is it formed. Another example of a Divergent Plate Boundary is Iceland which is splitting. Plate Boundaries--where tectonic plates meet and interact Where can you. 100 Earth Science Jeopardy Layers of Earth Tectonic Plates Press Your Luck Rock Cycle Dynamic Earth 100 Colliding plates result in Dynamic Earth 100. Each other along convergent plate boundaries marked by volcanoes and mountain belts Finally plates slide past each other along a transform plate boundary.


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Privacy settings. Or you may view the Plate Tectonics power point presentation shown in class Chapter Objectives After reading Chapter Nineteen you should be able to Explain. What are the tectonic plates AKA Lithospheric plate The 100-km-thick surface of the Earth Contains crust and part of the upper mantle It is rigid and brittle. Scientist Tuzo Wilson combined the knowledge of sea-floor spreading earths plates and continental drift into a single theory- The Theory of Plate Tectonics. Plate Boundaries Powerpoint Worksheets & Teaching. Scientists began to form a new theory to explain how tectonic plates move Plate tectonics is a. Plate Tectonics Plate Boundaries Google Slides Distance. The Earth's mantle is very hot and fluid so the plates move atop the mantle 3. Httpwww2sunysuffolkeduvorwalbPlate20Tectonics20 20Cont20Drift20revisedppt. Plate Tectonics Rock Cycle Soil Formation The Earth's. What is the name of the most famous transform fault plate boundary in the world. All About Plate Tectonics Earth's Plates and Continental Drift. PowerPoint Presentation Northwestern University.

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Presented D Earth and Space Science Structure of the Earth's System A PowerPoint lecture will deliver the basics on plate tectonics A capture activity will. PowerPoint Presentation Deyes High School. Plate Boundaries Google Slides Google Docs. What are the tectonic plates AKA Lithospheric plate The 100-km-thick surface of the Earth Contains crust and part of the upper mantle. It is divided into huge pieces called tectonic plates which move on the. Interactive presentation quiz on plate boundaries Please view the powerpoint preview INTERACTIVE GOOGLE SLIDESPOWER POINT. Interior structure Volcanoes and hotspots Earthquakes Tectonic plates. Evidence that tectonic plates are being created at divergent boundaries is. Plate Tectonics introduction plate boundaries and tectonic. Plate tectonics relative plate motions Absolute plate motions Spreading centers Subduction zones driving forces Plate boundary zones changes in plate.

Plate Boundaries. Information is presented in a logical manner 60pts Presentation uses a variety of Powerpoint features transitions sounds graphics text art and etc without. A tectonic plate is A piece of the Earth's crust that slides on top of the Mantle There are two types of crusttectonic plates OCEANIC CONTINENTAL Definition. Unit 4 Lesson 2 Plate Tectonics Copyright Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing Company Puzzling Evidence Copyright Houghton Mifflin Harcourt. Plate tectonics passport activity Teachers notes These notes have been designed be used with the plate tectonics powerpoint presentation and passport. Students will understand how plate tectonics creates certain geologic features. These presentations are large files so downloading may require tens of seconds or even a minute The first presentation you should view is Plate Tectonic. PowerPoint Presentation Dynamic Earth The Story of Plate. Do not show your board until I say so Ready Let's go Divergent Plate Boundaries 4 Question 1 At convergent boundaries Earth's plates are Not. Explain why volcanoes occur on destructive plate boundaries 4 Destructive. What is plate tectonics Concept that features of the earth and earth phenomena earthquakes volcanoes are caused by motion of plates of rigid lithosphere.


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Plate boundaries PPT. Plate Tectonics Geological and geophysical evidence of plates and plate dynamics Earth's lithosphere consist of relatively rigid plates that move independently. Plate Tectonic Theory Picture Vocabulary Earth and Space Plate Tectonic Theory Theory that the lithosphere is divided into tectonic plates that slowly move on. PowerPoint Presentation The Tectonic Plates SF Rocks. Different Plate Boundaries Create Different Landforms and Events Deep Ocean Trench Plate Boundary Convergent Type of Plates Oceanic Plate OP vs. Plate tectonics drives the rock cycle the movement of rocks and the minerals that comprise them and the chemical elements that comprise them from one. 3 Types Of Plate Boundaries Ppt Worksheets & Teaching. The PowerPoint PPT presentation Chapter 2 Global Tectonics Our Dynamic. Free PowerPoint Presentations about Plate Tectonics for Kids. Plate Tectonics Different Plate Boundaries Create Different. Types of Plate Boundaries ppt download SlidePlayer. What is the theory of plate tectonics What are the three types of plate boundaries What are Plates The Earth's crust and upper mantle Lithosphere are.

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