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Your religion is government and that is toxic and always leads to economic ruin, misery and death. HATE for him you could see some VERY Reputable Christians are standing with Trump.


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Dumbocrats do everything in THEIR power to eliminate God from everything in this country. Not a government of people who hate our country and making changes for their good. American People as his ATM machine. He has been the best dog we have EVER had.

And, never be afraid to speak the uncompromised TRUTH to those who need to hear it in order to bring change that is necessary.

You voted for a guy that is everything you pretended Trump was for the last four years. Taking a fake text message chat screenshot can be done in a few simple steps with this website. Type about each member of your family in a word document and save that file. Think before you spit your words out. Will sit back and watch the circus. He sold us out to the Chinese.


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He read the prepared speech with less fumbling and stumbling than Biden and he even walks differently. If you dont like what America is or how it became, pack your shit and leave. Do you insist upon making it a better World?

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Looking up is so much more compelling and helps me to begin to navigate the world around me. They still have no clue whether or not wearing masks is helping me, helping you, or not even helping. Wonder sees the world, with impossible hoping illuminating the darkest visions. This is a RUSH LIMBAUGH OBSERVATION.

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Jesus comes through the clouds and every eye will see Him and realize THERE REALLY IS A GOD! Randy also shares some interesting coffee facts and tells us his EPIC Pace picante sauce story! We will feed some stands more remote and take a deer block to them and salt as well. Miss information and miss guidance.

Naturally, some people on the left will likely believe Trump meant the virus itself, but backpedaled when advised to, something that is certainly not uncommon in his tactics.

These people have wanted totalitarian control for years, and do not like losing power. CALLI NG THEM TO START THINKING ABOUT THE SURVIVAL OF THEIR GRAND CHILDREN. SUCH THING AS DIFFERENT RACES people! The rest is waiting for warm dry weather. Lisa tells us about your butts.

At any rate, the Left has worked to ban crosses and nativity scenes from the public square, Christmas symbols including the colors red and green Christmas carols, voluntary prayers, and posting the Ten Commandments, voluntary prayers, etc.


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Capitalism and Consumerism are the true evils.

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