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The hearing shall be informal; the rules of evidence shall not apply; and the decision of the hearing officer shall be final, subject to the right of the owner to appeal the decision to the traffic court.

No person other than an authorized messenger or agent service shall display a similar identifying sign or certificate.

The records of any other Commonwealth agency, to the extent that they may be pertinent to the administration and enforcement of this chapter and the determination of liability thereunder, shall be available to the department.

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No side stop signal arm enforcement system may be used without the approval of the department, which shall have the authority to promulgate regulations for the certification and use of such systems.

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No person shall, with intent to defraud, operate a motor vehicle on any street or highway knowing that the odometer of that vehicle is disconnected or nonfunctional.

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The laws of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania give you the right to choose a form of insurance that limits your right and the right of members of your household to seek financial compensation for injuries caused by other drivers.

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The registration decal or plate shall not be removed from a snowmobile or ATV upon transfer to the new owner and is invalid until the new owner is issued a registration certificate or limited registration certificate for the snowmobile or ATV.

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